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29 July 2008

Yahoo! Go 3.0beta, One of the best Internet experiences for your phone.

Yahoo! Go is today’s essential tool for anyone with a mobile phone. It’s an all-in-one solution that lets you enjoy the the Internet on your phone, for free.* You can send emails, upload photos, search for answers, check share prices, access breaking news – and much, much more besides. Your mobile operator’s standard charges may apply.

The perfect starting point.

Yahoo! Go’s new start widget is the best gateway to get you where you’re going on the mobile Internet: a clear, concise update of what’s new since you last logged on, new emails, upcoming calendar appointments, fresh photos posted by friends. Then there’s a collection of mobile Snippets: previews of your favourite Web content such as news headlines, weather conditions or whatever else you choose. It also helps you get where you want to go on the mobile Internet instantly, via Yahoo! oneSearch™ and easily-customised quick links.

A great internet experience for your phone.

Design your ideal Internet experience using Yahoo! Go's Mobile Widgets. Choose from an ever-expanding range of these mobile applications, from Yahoo! and your other favourite Web brands. You can add and delete widgets at any time, so your phone will always reflect your unique needs & personality.
Get Yahoo! Go

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21 July 2008

Nokia CDMA Seri 8208

Apparently Nokia 8208 this resembled Nokia N96. However should not misjudge, because this one not including among them Nokia N Series. Could be Nokia 8208 this was the first cellular phone that used form factor two-way slider that not including in N Series. The CDMA cellular phone dual the band (800/1900 MHz) this used the screen 2,2 inch that could put forward the resolution 240 x 320 pixel and has been supplemented with the camera 3 megapixel that was at the back from this cellular phone.

Keypad this cellular phone was located in the interior and must be shifted went out before to use it. Although being slide form factor but Nokia 8208 this apparently was not too big measurement. With the dimension 101 x 45.2 x 15.9 mm and the weight around 126 gram Nokia 8208 this was not too big or heavy to be held.

Fitur other from this cellular phone was multimedia player, FM radio, bluetooth, microUSB, and slot microSD/microSDHC to support built-in memory him that only had a capacity of 150MB. Spesifikasi from the cellular phone that was not yet launched by Nokia this could be seen in the site PhoneArena.

Unfortunately did not yet have the range of the price about this cellular phone.

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14 July 2008

Nokia E71 circulated

One of the cellular phones of E-Series newest from Nokia that is Nokia E71 circulated in the market and currently could be received in StudioHp.
One of the cellular phones of E-Series newest from Nokia that is Nokia E71 circulated in the market and currently could be received in the place sold the mobile phone. E series equipment just this had the design sleek appearance was very special and had keyboarded QWERTY.

Supported with features HSDPA, GPS, the camera 3.2 megapixels and the memory as big as 128 megabyte. This cellular phone also support the account email from more than one thousand internet service provider (ISPs) in the world like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and Hotmail.

Spesifikasi :
* Built for messaging inside and out
* Optimized mobile email and messaging experience with full QWERTY keyboard
* Simplified email set-up
* Intelligent input with auto-completion, auto-correction and learning capability ensuring fast and error-free typing
* HSDPA data connection of up to 3.6 Mbps for fast downloading of emails and attachments and web browsing
* Two customizable Home Screen views with active stand-by plug-ins and application shortcuts
* Quick access to applications with One-touch keys (Home, Calendar, Contacts, Email)
* Nokia Calendar and Contacts for Eseries applications with improved features
* Support the latest OVI services, including maps, music and media sharing
* Integrated A-GPS Navigation and Nokia Maps
* Music player, Media player, Visual Radio
* Online sharing: Share on Ovi
* 3.2 megapixel camera with auto-focus and flash, front camera for video calls
* Up to 110MB internal memory; support for up to 8GB microSD memory card
* Built-in mobile Nokia VPN for convenient intranet access
* Data encryption for both phone memory and microSD
* Nokia PC Internet access (via Phone as modem functionality)
* System: WCDMA 850/2100, WCDMA 900/2100 and WCDMA 850/1900, HSDPA, GSM/EGSM 850/900/1800/1900

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11 July 2008

Download to the full

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May this information be useful.
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10 July 2008

Rise from sleeping long

Wrote the article in blog made me increasingly happy and apparently I was stroked consequently. Moreover the place where I worked was installed by internet facilities, so as this stimulated the brain and my will to write the article rose again.

Every time did not have the prominent work, available time was used by me to look for the article in the internet. Including me tried to search blog belonging to me that once I for but had not been renewed by me this article was caused by internet facilities at that time was limited.

How was I startled, when being found by me blog evidently has been detected by Google? And that more made me most startled at the same time liking to be blog that I has forgot PR2. Of course this made me more was enthusiastic to write the article again and at the same time reorganised repeated template as well as increased available accessories in sidebar.

Thank you very much my lord

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